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Day One

We collaborate with your team to review all aspects of the project. Every detail is examined and discussed.


Working with your team, we produce system design and construction documents that encompass your vision. Often completed in 4-6 weeks, depending on size and scope of your project.


Orders are placed for system equipment. This process typically lasts 4-6 weeks for in-stock items and 8-12 weeks for long-lead items.


When conditions are right, our team begins the installation of system cabling and any structural hardware.

Shop Build & Testing

Our fabrication team assembles and performs pre-installation testing prior to deployment in your facility.

On-site Integration

We securely transport the equipment for on-site staging and installation.


While equipment is being integrated, our system engineers ensure that systems will function as intended.


Once equipment is in place, our commissioning team is deployed to get it up and running smoothly.

User Training

Once systems are functioning as intended, we'll walk you through how to use your systems to their fullest potential. Work accomplished!

Extended Support

In addition to the standard manufacturers and workmanship warranty, we offer extended support, preventative maintenance, and remote and onsite service for additional fees upon request.

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