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IT Consulting

When it comes to being a true strategic partner, look no further than Procraft Solutions. We have the experience and expertise to bring real-life answers to those hard-to-negotiate everyday business challenges.


Security and Analysis - Procraft provides a full assessment of your business processes and continuity needs.

Fault Tolerance Assessment and Risk Mitigation - We can help with why you should build a business-driven IT risk management program and provide ways we can support you in completing your assessment.

Analysis and Mitigation of Points of Failure -

We will help with identifying SPOFs and provide solutions for eliminating them.

Disaster Recovery
Strategic Design and Planning


Aligning technology with overall business goals - Design and delivery of systems that cater to your unique needs.

Best Practice Security Analysis - Evaluation of current situation and suggested implementation of additional technical countermeasures.

Voice and Network design - Our planning and expertise will deliver a network that has the flexibility and agility to support future subscriber requirements and services.


Voice and Data Infrastructure - We offer a full array of design solutions including: Planning / Systems Design / Installation / Maintenance and 24/7 Emergency Service.

Multi-Vendor Coordination - Our solutions include creating a plan and execution process for engaging with vendors and managing services across multiple enterprises.

Company Relocations - We offer relocation and transfer services for data centers and physical system components without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

IT Project Management

Meet with an Expert

Our team of experts will engage with you to develop a strategy that turns your goals and objectives into reality by crafting a solution that is right for your organization.

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