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Procraft Brings Spotify Vision to Life

When Spotify set out to create a world-class recording studio at their Spotify at Mateo campus in downtown Los Angeles, they contacted Procraft Media to help them create a haven for artists to come and record their original content.

According to Chris D’Angelo, Head of Production and Studio Facilities, Spotify wanted to hear from the best designers and integrators in the industry, have them share their vision, and then set them loose to do their thing.

“We wanted it to be immediately obvious that a lot of thought went into this by the best people in the industry—and we knew we wanted it to be one of the best facilities in the world.” - Chris D'Angelo

To that end, Procraft created and built a custom console with an integrated digital workflow in order to enable Spotify to fulfill their desire to synthesize old-school authenticity with new-world technical advantages. The result is a set of recording and podcast studios replete with an inspiring collection of vintage equipment and instruments that are enhanced with the newest and most innovative tools and software available.

View this project complete project brief and photos by clicking here: Spotify Studios Project Portfolio

This cutting-edge technology enables engineers like William Garrett, Senior Music Producer at Spotify, to incorporate analog with digital sound, provide mixing in real time, and assist artists who want to record live in one session and those who want to record multiple tracks separately for later mixing.

Results Will Cultivate Creativity for Years to Come

When those of us at Procraft Media who worked on this project watch Garrett share his excitement and enthusiasm about the equipment, the various studios, and the vintage instruments they house in The Secrets of Spotify’s Studio, we are very proud of a job well-done. We rose to the challenge that Spotify presented to us and are pleased with the results we were able to provide them. We look forward to seeing the incredibly creative work that Spotify and Procraft have enabled.


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